Twas the Night Before Camp

‘Twas the night before summer camp and I had yet to pack,

Nothing was ready, not sleeping bag, bug net, hammer, or tack.

This day had been coming for twenty-four weeks.

I didn’t want to go; I thought summer camp was for geeks.

The brochure that Mom had showed kids having fun,

Outside all day long in the hot, humid sun.

She said there’d be hiking and fishing, and such,

But I like to sleep, not be active so much.

She put her foot down and said I had to go,

So out came the Deep Woods, bedding, and aloe.

I took a flashlight and lantern, Kleenex for my nose,

The car was so full the trunk would not close.

Early the next morn we got on our way,

The camp was so far the drive lasted all day.

Mom helped me make up the sheets on my bunk,

Then she had to go, leaving me in a funk.

The first day we went hiking, I got really bored,

But the next day we swam, and I won an award!

At the archery site, I hit a bulls-eye.

Each night after dinner we ate really good pie.

I learned some neat crafts, how to canoe and kayak.

I made lots of new friends, the coolest was Zach.

Camp wasn’t that bad, better than I thought,

We played pranks on our leader, and never got caught.

The week came and went; the days flew by so fast,

At first I was doubtful, in the end, had a blast.

Even the bus home was fun and full of good cheer,

I’m not unpacking a thing, so I’m ready next year.

- Jordan Moore